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Banco di caribe contributes to Dolphin Academys Bayena i Dolfein program

Banco di Caribe contributes to Dolphin Academy’s ‘Bayena i Dòlfein’ program

WILLEMSTAD, June 2018: Banco di Caribe confirms their sponsorship once again of Dolphin Academy’s ‘Bayena i Dòlfein’ program. This year, Banco di Caribe adopted three classes from three different elementary schools to allow them to participate in this educational program. The schools that are being sponsored are M.C. Piar School, Blenchi School and St. Joris College.

Dolphin Academy’s program has been running for 13 years now, giving school kids the opportunity to be a part of a great educational program. The goal of this program is not only to inform the younger generation about dolphins and whales, but it is also to educate them about marine life and how to preserve it. A Dolphin Academy representative visits the schools to give a short lesson regarding the marine life, dolphins and whales and the kids visit the Dolphin Academy for a presentation. The presentation that they attend the academy includes a short movie, a dolphin show and they also receive a kiss from the dolphins.

This year, Managing Director of Banco di Caribe, Mr. Dito de Kort, joined the Dolphin Academy in visiting M.C. Piar School to be a part of the class given at the school and to be part of the experience with the children when learning valuable lessons about our maritime environment.