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Banco di Caribe supports Fundashon Pro Alfa


Banco di Caribe supports Fundashon Pro Alfa

WILLEMSTAD: Banco di Caribe recently had the joy of visiting Fundashon Pro Alfa and the project 'Un Oportunidat Mas' (Another chance). Representatives of the bank were impressed when taking note of the participation of youngsters and adults in the project. The foundation has an important role within the community. Their main goal is to properly prepare all clients of the organization for integration in the community through active participation in the labor process. According to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), there are 671 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 – of the 11,660 young people in Curaçao – who are looking for a job, but who have never attended secondary education. Given the alarming situation, Fundashon Pro Alfa has initiated the project 'Un Oportunidat Mas'. Although the project is in its initial stages, it is already bearing fruit.

According to Banco di Caribe as it contributes to the literacy of our community, “Education is very important and this specific project of Fundashon Pro Alfa deserves our support. The young people in Curaçao must be prepared for participation in the labor process and if they do not succeed the first time, there is always a second chance. The same goes for adults; it’s never too late to learn”.

Another chance

The objective of Fundashon Pro Alfa is to prepare young people and help them develop their basic and social skills that will enable them to enter employment. This includes basic training in reading and writing, languages, crafts, banqueting courses, cooking, computer skills and administration. In this extensive process, Banco di Caribe has chosen to sponsor the reading and writing courses. Banco di Caribe has chosen to underline these courses, because it is of great importance that a society masters at least the basics of reading and writing. This is the foundation of our community's education and opens the doors to employment opportunities. The pictures show that young people and adults who have successfully passed this stage of reading and writing can easily move on to other programs mentioned.

About Fundashon Pro Alfa

Fundashon Pro Alfa, was founded in 1989 and is a non-profit organization with emphasis on the general literacy of our society. The target group has always been those who are illiterates. At Pro Alfa, the group receives personal, social and employment guidance. To be able to continue the courses offered, Fundashon Pro Alfa is need of financial support. Banco di Caribe encourages other entities and companies that are inspired to lend a helping hand to contact Fundashon Pro Alfa and donate to the "Un Oportunidat Mas" project. They can be contacted at telephone number 462-7985, via WhatsApp 698-4185 or e-mail