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Part of the community

Banco di Caribe is, and always has been, a bank of the people. This is reflected by the personal service that we offer our clients, by our harmonious multicultural workforce, and by our corporate citizenship initiatives throughout the community.

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Board of Managing Directors

Ildefons D. Simon
CEO & General Managing Director

Eduardo A. de Kort
Managing Director Commercial Affairs

Percival N. Virginia
Managing Director Operations

Consolidated Companies Banco di Caribe

  • Banco di Caribe N.V.
  • N.V. Trustmaatschappij van Banco di Caribe
  • Banco di Caribe (Aruba) N.V.
  • Progresso Real Estate N.V.
  • Bancarib Real Insurance Aruba N.V.
  • Bancarib Real Insurance Curaçao N.V.