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Mortgage Special

Mortgage Special

The feeling of enjoying your own home:

Banco di Caribe launches a unique mortgage campaign

Philipsburg:  There is no feeling in the world that compares to when you can enjoy your own home.  Buying or building your perfect house is a significant life decision. That’s why it’s imperative to receive the best advice possible and to partner up with a bank that understands your financial needs. Banco di Caribe has designed a mortgage campaign including additional benefits and special incentives.


When applying for a mortgage at Banco di Caribe before December 31st, 2019 you will be eligible for a fixed interest rate of 4.85% for the first 4 years and free notary costs up to Ang 2,000.00. Also, the first appraisal report up to Ang 250.00 is free. As a new homeowner you can apply for a repayment period of up to 35 years depending on your age. A favorable insurance package is part of the campaign. This unique mortgage campaign will allow you to save up to Ang 9,000.00 in 30 years compared to our standard mortgage interest rate.  


It’s time to visualize your dream house. Banco di Caribe mortgage experts will help you swiftly, easily and as you can see at the best possible rate! For more information on how you can start the process of acquiring or building your first house call Banco di Caribe at 1(721) 581 9646 or visit It’s time to go from dreaming to building (or buying) your own house.  

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