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Credit Card Special - Flyer

Credit Card Campaign

Banco di Caribe has the Credit Card for you:

With a monthly 1% cash back on any purchase and more!

Banco di Caribe has a special Credit Card just for you. With various benefits of owning a BdC Credit Card that you can take advantage of today!

Our BdC Credit Card

There are various benefits of owning a BdC Credit Card. It’s easy to use for online shopping, you can pay, buy and withdraw cash worldwide, and our MasterCard and VISA Credit Card are well-known and widely accepted. Do you want to know more about the different types of Credit Cards we offer? Click here!

What makes a BdC Credit Card special?

Apart from receiving 1% cash back monthly on any of your purchases*, you can also view your transactions on your BdC Online, check your balance at any authorized ATM locally and worldwide, and you can receive an SMS alert after every purchase made. That’s not all, our BdC Credit Card also has an EMV chip that provides customers with additional security when using the card at payment terminals (POS) and ATM’s. Do not worry, the card still has a magnetic stripe to assure worldwide acceptance. If you do not have a BdC Online account yet, click here to apply for an account, and if you have not applied for your SMS alert yet, click here.

*Please keep in mind that the 1% cash back is not valid on cash withdrawals.