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Introducing Master Debit Card

Introducing Mastercard Debit Card

Introducing an all new experience with the Mastercard Debit Card

In the process of modernizing the bank, Banco di Caribe has introduced different products and services that meet customer expectations. Considering today’s technology that offers all kinds of possibilities to make payment easier, Banco di Caribe is now introducing its new Mastercard Debit Card. With this debit card, the customer can:

  • Withdraw money at ATMs and pay worldwide at all payment terminals that accept Mastercard Debit and Maestro.
  • Shop online and pay with the Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card.
  • Make payments by using the Tap-and-Go

Advantages of the Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card

The Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card is now vertical and orange in color to emphasize the renewed and modern look of Banco di Caribe. This new Debit Card replaces the current Debit Card and has many more benefits for the customer. For example, the Mastercard Debit Card is accepted worldwide in shops where Mastercard Debit and Maestro are accepted. Customers can also use the Debit Card to make purchases online via the web shop by using the funds in their current account. In addition, the Mastercard Debit Card offers the possibility to pay faster through the Tap-and-Go facility. If the payment terminal has the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the customer no longer has to insert the card into the device to pay, but can just hold (Tap) it against the screen to make a transaction. This payment option speeds up the payment process, making shopping even faster and easier. Other existing options that also remain possible with the Mastercard Debit Card are the possibility to:

  • Pay with chip
  • Change the PIN at every Banco di Caribe ATM
  • Use the SMS Alert service

Debit card activation

To enjoy these benefits, the customer must first activate the card. The information package that the customer receives together with the new card includes a letter explaining the activation process.

Distribution of the new debit card

The card distribution will be as follows:

Customers, who recently applied for a Banco di Caribe Debit Card will be called by a bank representative to inform that their new card is ready for pick-up.

Customers who are using a valid Debit Card will receive their new card in the information package that will be distributed in phases through postal service.