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Personal Loan

Personal Loan

Stay connected to the world!

In today’s life, it is almost impossible not to be digitally connected to the world. Everyone wants to be in touch with family and friends, shop online and pay monthly bills whenever they want and wherever they are. Our elderly should not be an exception. There is where Banco di Caribe and Go Rent Curaçao are joining forces launching the ‘Keda konektá ku mundu kompleto’ campaign, especially for our elderly.

During this campaign, the elderly can buy their own Laptop package through Go Rent Curaçao, which will be financed by BdC at a special interest rate. There will be different packages available, consisting of a Laptop only, a Laptop with a Printer and or a Speaker. Besides, our elderly will receive 8 courses in which they will learn to manage the basic programs on a Laptop. Furthermore, they will also receive information about our BdC online system in order to be able to manage their transfers and other banking activities online.

This campaign is valid from August 23, 2021 until September 3, 2021. So Hurry up and apply online via Your Laptop package is one click away!