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VIP Green loan

Do something green today!

Sustainable living is not only about doing less harm to our environment, but it is about doing more good around you by choosing eco-friendly solutions for a greener and brighter future.

Our environment is changing all the time as the ways we live, travel, produce and consume goods evolve. Since the emergence of the green movement, the world has become more conscious about the importance of environmental conservation. Banco di Caribe is committed to the transition to a net zero global economy, not just by playing our part, but also by helping our customers to be part of the movement. We are doing this across the bank by using solar panels and offering D-Point charging stations for our Curaçao customers with electric cars.

Banco di Caribe recognizes that our planet urgently needs drastic and lasting action to protect our communities, customers and natural environment from the damaging effects of climate change. With this in mind Banco di Caribe and Dynaf have joined forces to create awareness on living a green(er) life and by providing our customers financial solutions to build a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

Banco di Caribe Green Loan has been expressly designed to further support your transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Through affordable funding, you protect natural resources, reduce pollution, and help to save the planet by using renewable energy, clean transportation and more.

Apply for your Green Loan and benefit from a special interest rate and a repayment period up to 5 years. Choose eco-friendly solutions for a greener and brighter future.