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For Banco di Caribe it is highly important to have a transparent relationship with our customers. Therefore, we support and value open and easy lines of communication.

Our goal as your chosen financial institution is to offer the best products and services within our capabilities. To be able to meet this promise we need to have a clear understanding as to where we have room for improvement.

Your feedback is key in supporting a better experience with our service delivery.

How we process your feedback

In order to process your feedback we have a specific policy and procedure in place that are mandatory for all representatives of Banco di Caribe. The policy includes the rules for registration, execution and management of customer feedback.

Registration of your feedback

There are various ways to inform us about your concerns:

  1. You can approach any bank representative with your recommendation or statement of dissatisfaction;
  2. You can send a formal letter to Banco di Caribe N.V., Airport Boulevard 15, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten;
  3. You can email us at

You need to provide the following information in your formal correspondence:

  1.  Your Name and Last name;
  2.  The date of your registration;
  3.  Your ID type and number;
  4.  Your e-mail address;
  5.  Your phone number;
  6.  The description of the reason why you are dissatisfied with our product(s) or service(s) or your comment for improvement.

You will receive a confirmation of your registration. Our representatives will follow up on the resolution of every complaint registration we receive.


Our policy applies to all services and products offered by Banco di Caribe N.V. We welcome feedback and comments of customers, as well as potential customers, and we will handle all expressions of dissatisfaction fairly, consistently and urgently.


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